Things You Must Know About Masturbation

It’s international masturbation month, which is celebrated every year since 1995. As we are in the international masturbation month, we are going to share facts you must know about masturbation. The blog is specially brought to you by top sexologist in Delhi, Dr. P.K. Gupta. Let’s review the facts about masturbation.

1.     Masturbation doesn’t have any health benefits that sex does.

Sexual intercourse has all sorts of benefits for men, for your blood pressure, prostate and heart health. But masturbation doesn’t do anything because body responds differently after sex. Even the development of semen is different, if you masturbate instead of having sex.

2.     Some types of masturbation can cause sexual dysfunction.

Vigorous stroking of penis with heavy pressure or very rapid movement can lead to retarded ejaculation, in which a man faces difficulty to reach an orgasm with a partner. Rough masturbation can cause minor skin irritation.

3.     Masturbation acts as a stress buster.

Many males experience relaxation after masturbation. It is a great known stress buster, which improves mood and resolves clinical depression. If you had a bad day, then masturbation can help you forget about stressful events of the day and improves sleep.

4.     Women masturbate too.

Women tend to be more interested than men, when it comes to masturbation. They will not accept it, but they also do it, in order to bust stress and explore what they like. Masturbation also helps in relieving menstrual cramps.

These are the most common facts about masturbation that requires to know. I would like to tell you that chronic masturbation is injurious to health, so if you want to do it, then do on a moderate basis. Excess masturbation can lead to problems like premature ejaculation and nocturnal emission.

If you are facing any kind of sexual dysfunction due to chronic masturbation, then you can visit at the clinic of Dr. P.K. Gupta, the Best Sexologist Doctor in Delhi. He is a well known sex specialist that can help you to get rid of all type sexual dysfunctions. You can consult him and lead a healthy sexual life. 

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