When i searched in google about Bihar  i got one of group People of Bihar Social Network...But i felt this site is also focussing in dividing people......In all the post i see group is mostly focussed in Magadh region ...Is ...Bihar means only Magadh what about other region..... you u give more importance to Magadh while mentioning state Bihar  is in closed bracket...what is this do i think....u are renaming bihar as ....Magadh...
I would like to suggest Admn that let it be only Bihar..why magadh why mithila..and others....Bihar itself will denote all the people of bihar....

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Comment by Dr Tarkeshwar on June 25, 2012 at 6:32pm

As Aakash ji told early that magadh is not a region of some districts in Bihar but a region where about whole India was present. and before Asok also the magadh was not same as it is now. so rajesh ji plz dont think that this site is dividing us but making a platform for us. on my first visit to this site I was also having the same thinking as you are having now but later when i read more articles on this site and talked to Aakash ji,Ranjan ji and others then I realised what this site is doing.. joining or dividing. plz do visit regularily and then you will feel the same as I felt. Jai Bihar jai Hind..

Comment by Rajesh kumar jha on June 21, 2012 at 10:01am

 I am very thankful to you that you took such effort to give response and i appreciate your view. We must work in unison. We must remind one thing there are some fanatical people who dont want developed bihar want to  divide or some misconception has occured to their mind it is our duty to awake them creat awarness.

Comment by Aakash Arjuna on June 20, 2012 at 7:21pm

I agree we must have one Bihar. But of Late, I am meeting a lot of People from Mithila who are too much focused on their identity as Maithils and refuse to accept them as Biharis, they also want an independent state. That's why I said "If they want an independent state, let it be." And I focus on Magadh name because this is Historical name and World Famous.

Comment by Rajesh kumar jha on June 19, 2012 at 5:23pm

Read these lines from wikipedia: According to the Puranas, the Magadha Empire was established by the Brihadratha Dynasty, who was the sixth in...These are your..lines in first comment u give example of wikepedia..and it is not distorted...but same wikepedia..information..i gave u..now that becomes..distorted....great.....I just asking to be united for one bihar....not divided...

Comment by Rajesh kumar jha on June 19, 2012 at 5:14pm

I am not in favour of Independent mithila...but If u think..that renaming Bihar as magadh..and ..people to write something about Magadh instead of Bihar.. while login in this site....U are creating..distance. If u think..whole India..was..magadh as shown by..map...why only bihar whole India should be Magadh according..to u..

I am not as wise as u..but  must consider....these things....what u are doing is certainly is similar to those who are trying to separate mithila..Same thing...u want magadh and they want mithila i see no difference between your approach...and theres..

Comment by Aakash Arjuna on June 19, 2012 at 3:27pm

What a sheer Joke Mr. Rajesh, Mithila was refereed as First Democracy till the region was conquered by Magadh region. Don't you know whole of Bihar plundered and attacked by Islamic invaders from middle east such as Bakhtiar Khilji, Akbar and Mughals. Maithilis have their distinct identity and Magadhanshave their own identity and we Respect that. Magadh is not a region which you are saying. It was a Powerful Country in the Past.

This is the empire of Magadh's map under Ashoka The Great, a Magadhan King. The whole problem arose because History was distorted and we were renamed Bihar in 1912. A State which has been called Magadh for 3500 years , how can it just be renamed by some fools who has not even read our History. And moreover most of the Maithilis today wants an independent state on the basis of different language and identity crisis. Even if they want independent state, they are free to do so. Its their Right to present their views and do what so ever they want. We live in a democracy and not under a dictatorship.

Comment by Rajesh kumar jha on June 19, 2012 at 10:12am

As you talking of great history of magadh.....dont you know each region has its glory and magnificient history...if we are going by that...that we had...magadh..jarasand...than what about...north bihar do they have no history...dont you know...In fact, Mithila may be referred as the first democracy of the world. This continued for several centuries till the region was attacked and conquered by Magadh empire.

Mithila (Sanskrit: मिथिला, mithilā) was a city in Ancient India, the capital of the Videha Kingdom. The name Mithila is also commonly used to refer to the Videha Kingdom itself, as well as to the modern-day territories that fall within the ancient boundaries of Videha: Mithila (India) and Mithila (Nepal). The city of Mithila has been identified as modern day Janakpur in Dhanusa district of Nepal. The Mithila kingdom existed in the eastern Gangetic plains in areas which is today spread over more than half of Bihar state of India, and parts of adjoining Nepal.

The legend of Mithila extends over many centuries. Both Gautama Buddha and Vardamana Mahavira are said to have lived in Mithila. It also formed the center of Indian history during the first millennium, and has contributed to various literary and scriptural works.

The name Mithila is derived after Mythical King 'Miti'. He was supposed to have been created from body of his father King Nimi. He established the capital of his kingdom at Mithilapuri and hence the region came to be called Mithila. Since he was born out of body of his father, he took the title Janaka. After this, the Kings of Mithila were called Janaka. The most famous Janaka was Kushadhwaja, father of Sita. He was 21st Janaka of Mithila. This Dynasty was also called Videha Janaka. There were 57 kings in the dynasty of Videha Janaka.


This is information..what wikipedia shows...now if  we are to go by history.....than...we will have many region.....just i want to convey that dont....incite feeling that we have no identity...every one loves his identity..just What i want is dont go....by...history...let it be what happened...just we need is one bihar developed bihar where people is happy.......lives peceafully.....If you had mentioned only...Bihar it would not have created such feelings......This is my personal..view...Critics are welcome to debate...

Comment by Aakash Arjuna on June 19, 2012 at 2:42am

A very good topic started by Rajesh ji. I shall give the proper answer to this and latrer update a post on it. First of all Magadh is the Older and Real name of Bihar. Bihar got its name Bihar in 1912 whereas Magadh was founded some 3500 years ago by Jarasandh's Father Brihadrath. Read these lines from wikipedia: According to the Puranas, the Magadha Empire was established by the Brihadratha Dynasty, who was the sixth in line from Emperor Kuru of the Bharata dynasty through his eldest son Sudhanush." This name confusion started by outsiders who renamed Magadh as Bihar in 1912, Our real and original name is not Bihar but Magadh, During Ashoka The Great Times, we were known as Magadhis or Magadhans all over the World. We were a Great Country during those times known as Magadh. Thats why we call ourselves as Magadhans. The region of Magadh you are talking about is just a region and not real Magadh. Magadh is the older and real name of Bihar. Thats why we rename it like this.


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