How to improve the condition of professional colleges in Bihar?

The open question to all the engineers and professional of Bihar that why the engineering colleges in Bihar are not among the top colleges of India although the students who get admission there are of great talent.Even many of the students prefer taking admission in other engineering colleges outside Bihar?Those of  who are in higher managerial post,why don't they visit the campuses of Bihar Engineering colleges for recruitment ?

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Comment by Ritika on June 19, 2011 at 10:40pm
Well said Akash and Anshu! Thanks for bringing the topic in this forum.Rather than going into different causes of lack of good professional colleges(which Aakash has already told) i would answer the HOW part of ques.How to improve the condition of professional colleges in Bihar.We all are very proud of having the most number of IAS and IITians..why don't the people already settled in top companies and Govt post start the mission for education.The people in the top companies must convince their companies to come to Bihar for campus selection.I was perturbed when i came to know that the avg package of many of the engineering colleges in Bihar is around 1 lack per annum while the low standard colleges in Delhi has it atleast four time more.Govt must invest in education in bringing the top level faculty for engineering college and impart quality in them.Moreover domestic airports should be developed in places other than Patna,so that company delegates can visit the college campus.
Comment by Aakash Arjuna on June 13, 2011 at 12:30am
Gud question Anshu ji, I shall give answer to it, the basic reason for this is that Bihar Government which in those days was Lalu Yadav's jungle Raj never opened its eyes after post-globalisation in 1992, post 1992, when all other states of India like Gujrat, Maharashtra, Punjab, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnatka took the best advantge of the new grown business opportunities, made schools and Top class colleges, in that era, Bihar was busy in caste-riots planted by Lalu Yadav and his gang of jokers, when teachers were kidnapped and killed, how can you expect a great college to be born, Bihar had 1 gud college which was BIT Mesra and it also went to Jharkhand after planned strategy of separation of Bihar by Delhi sultanata and UP Politicians, also XLRI-Jamshedpur falls in jharkhand, BIT Mesra at 1 point of time was national level educational institute, but after some time due to lack of gud faculties, it also collapsed, nowadays BIT Mesra has fallen, no one wants to take admission over there, Bihar has greatest and World class schools for Primary education in India, not to forget schools like Don Bosco Academy, Patna, St. Michaels, Loyola High School, Notre Dame Academy, St. Joseph Convent, DAV School all in Bihar but post 12th standard there is no means of higher education which forces intellectual youth of Bihar to migrate outside, after my 12th, I also had to migrate to delhi in 2006 due to lack of higher education, and I have been a student of Don Bosco Academy, Patna, so I know the quality of Primary and Higher Education in Bihar, one of the myths about Biharis is also this that Biharis can't speak English, due to that joker Lalu Yadav who is uncivilsed person, you know wherever I went to Delhi every one used to tell me, "You speak such a gud English, you don't look like a Bihari, you sem to be a Punjabi", I used to tell them, "koi accha aadmi dikhe toh Punjabi hoga aur koi galat aadmi dikhe toh Bihari hoga, kya nautanki laga rakhi hai tum logo, come with me to Bihar, I will show you such breed of intelligent students which will be million times more intelligent and genius than me........they all used to listen to me in shock", such is the reality of Bihar but slowly and slowly I am getting hope, I made this website and People have started to join, they wnat to do something, we will very soon create an organisation that will be "Pro-Bihar" and it will Fight all Bihar haters, very soon, Time has come. May Bhagwan Vishnu, The conqueror of The Three Worlds guide us wisdom and courage to be successful in our mission.


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