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Sub Optimal Performance: Bihar may have to pay dearly for it

Earlier, it was the fratricidal thought process of the voters of Bihar, popularly known as ‘the identity politics’ (in layman’s term, as caste based politics), which had bedeviled the economic development of state. Wiser from their past experiences, people then discarded the yoke of sectarian politics to an extent, and reposed their confidence in a forward looking political thoughts. At least they thought it to be the case based on causes espoused by the present… Continue

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Thanks to poor water management big increase in wasteland in Bihar

When the country achieved the net gain of over 5,000 sqkm of usable land between 2005 and 2008, the usable land in Bihar has shrank by 2,760sqkm (2,75,900 hectares), or nine times the size of Patna city, over the three-year period ending in 2009.

Thanks to sedimentation caused by floods and the lackadaisical approach of the government huge chunk of land has been lost in fertile north Bihar.

According to the Wasteland Atlas of India released on Wednesday… Continue

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Moon and I...

The best part of my day starts when I come home from office. And the magical moments begin when after having dinner, I come to my study room. There are large windows in my study room which create magical path for the moonlight to enter my room. And I, sitting beside the windows, watch the moon. We talk endlessly. Sometimes, moon shifts its position from my continuous gaze to give me the clue pf the nearing dawn, so that I could…


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बतौर चीफ गेस्ट मेरा पहला कार्यक्रम, नवोदय विद्यालय वैशाली समारोह के संस्मरण

नमस्कार साथियो,

kuch behad azeez aur yaadgaar pal aapse saanjha karna chahti hu. Mujhe Navoday Vidyalay, Vaishali ke Annual Day [26th April] me bataur Chief Guest aamantrit kiya gaya. Yah mere jeewan ke sabse sukhad palo me se ek hai. Bas apni khushi aapse baant rahi hu.
26th April ko  अहले सुबह, नवोदय के शिक्षक कार लेकर घर पर आये मुझे ले जाने के लिए. मैं बेहद nervous थी. मैंने हमेशा chief गेस्ट को receive किया था आज…

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जाने किस बात से है परेशान ज़िँदगी....

जाने किस बात से है परेशान ज़िँदगी

नियामतोँ के बीच है वीरान ज़िँदगी

इक तरफ हालात ज़ख्मी से पड़े हैँ

और इधर इस शोहरत से है हैरान ज़िँदगी

होँठोँ से मुस्कुराहटेँ जुदा न हुईँ कभी

और ज़रा सी इक खुशी से रही अनजान ज़िँदगी

लफ़्ज़ोँ से कहानी शुरू हुई थी उसी दिन

जिस दिन से हो गई थी बेज़ुबान ज़िँदगी

हर पल की जंग, एक जद्दोजहद जीने की

ज़िँदादिल से हौसलेँ मगर बेजान ज़िँदगी

कोई ख्वाब भी देख लेँ, कुछ खयाल भी सजा लेँ

हो जाए ग़र एक पल को भी…


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Bihar CM Nitish Kumar goes green with solar power

Bihar CM Nitish Kumar is going green, quite literally. After lighting up his official residence - 1 Anne Marg - with solar energy, costing Rs 4.5 crore, his native village Kalyanbigha in Nalanda district has now got low-cost solar pumpsets installed. The demo models, as they are supposed to be, have started functioning from his native village and will be replicated elsewhere in Bihar later on.

The new solar-powered drip irrigation system initiative is expected to come as a big help… Continue

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Hafeez Contractor plans Dubai-like 'New Patna' on Ganga

Hafeez Contractor, one of India's best known architects, plans to develop a world city alongside the river Ganga - on the lines of Dubai - that will boast of eco-friendly buildings and water sports facilities, officials say.

"Contractor submitted his proposed plans to the state government during his visit here Tuesday," an official said referring to the proposed New Patna World City.

Chief minister Nitish Kumar is reportedly impressed by Contractor's plans to develop… Continue

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Bosch plans solar plants in Bihar, Tamil Nadu & Maharashtra

Bosch Solar, a unit of German MNC Bosch India, is undertaking a pilot for grid independent solar power projects in four villages across Bihar, Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu. If successful the pilots will help provide power to villages, which are hitherto in the dark.

Bosch plans to set up central power stations using thin film solar technology as an island grid independent of the central grid that runs across India. “Each central station would have a capacity of around 10kw each, and… Continue

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Asia's first dolphin research centre to come up in Bihar

With only about 2,000 Gangetic river dolphins left in India, down from tens of thousands just a few decades ago, the Bihar government is planning to set up Asia's first research centre to strengthen conservation efforts to save the endangered mammal.

An official in the chief minister's office said the Gangetic dolphin research centre would be set up in Patna, where dozens of dolphins can still be seen in the stretch of the river near the state capital.

The man… Continue

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Bihar farmer sets organic wheat production record

A farmer from Bihar's Nalanda district has set a national record in organic wheat production, say officials.

A wheat farmer, Surendra Prasad of Sarilchak village in Nalanda, about 100 km from Patna, has produced 135.75 quintals of wheat per hectare using the SRI (System of Rice Intensification) organic method.

The national record so far was 100 quintals per hectare held by a farmer from Araria district in the state, say officials.

"I am happy to set… Continue

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