Racism against Bihar and People of Bihar


This post is the Reality of India and how we Indians treat each other. It is not a story of a stupid Bollywood movie which only shows a fake world but this article tells you the reality of mentality of Racist north Indians and Racist Neo-Nazi Maharashtrians.  It is about Racism against Bihar and its People.


Some, 85 years ago, a man called Hitler of Germany started to abuse Jews and give speeches against Jews. He went to such an extent that he incited people to kill Jews as Jews are a threat to their existence. This gave rise to Fascism and Hitler came to be known as the greatest Nazi or a Fascist ever born. Due to his ill-efforts, Germans started  a campaign to kill Jews all over. In a way, a trend started all over Europe. Russia's Stalin followed the footsteps of Hitler and he too assassinated Jews. And you know, there were 6 to 8 million Jews assassinated including 1 million Children and 1 million Women. There is a law in Political History of Fascism which never fails. If you want to become a Leader, discover a common enemy because nothing Unites People except a Common Enemy. Hitler used this strategy and he discovered an enemy in Jews population. The same story was repeated by Hitler follower, self-styled Nazi Raj Thackeray from 2008. Maharashtra was a falling state. People of Konkan, Vidarbha had started to demand for an Independent state. In order to Fight these internal problems, he started giving hate speeches against Uttar Pradesh and Bihar people. And thus this shameless man Raj Thackeray gave Rise to the feeling of Anti-Bihar in India.


Rise in Anti-Bihar sentiments, Post 2008: Raj Thackeray heads a Nazi party known as MNS, a political outfit, which does not believe in any law or democracy. They just beat anyone whom they find guilty. In 2008, his men beat many students from Bihar and Uttar Pradesh who has gone their to give Railway Exams. The reason given for their beating was said that these people are snatching away jobs from our local people. Ok, I agree and Australians also agree to this point of view. That's why when Australians beats some Indians in Australia for taking away their jobs, why do Indians cry foul?? Isn't this the hypocrisy of Indians?? Indians can't give Equality to fellow Indians in India and they demand Equality in Australia and United States. A lot of students from Bihar and Uttar Pradesh were killed in attacks on them in Maharashtra by MNS and its party workers. But those students never got justice and their family was ruined.


Hypocrisy of Raj Thackeray: This Nazi-Leader Raj Thackeray is the greatest hypocrite of all times. When a Maharastrian makes a mistake, he says, you can't blame a whole community if 1 man makes a mistake from that community. He further says "I have a problem if some political Leaders from UP and Bihar comes to Maharashtra with political agenda." Coming back to that, "Mr. Thackeray, do you even know History?? All political parties who comes to Fight elections in Maharashtra are from Uttar Pradesh, be it Samjwadi Party, be it Bahujan Samaj Party, and not from Bihar. So, if some one from Uttar Pradesh makes mistake, blame them and Fight them democratically. Don't drag Magadhans(People of Bihar) into it. I also read, you said, "When 1 man from Sikh community kills ex-Prime Minister of India, why do you blame and abuse the whole community. It was that man's individual mistake." (Playing very nice, I knew why you said it Raju, you need to save the mistake of Marathi Manus who killed Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi), Continuing further, Raj Thackeray says, "You can't blame Chitavan Brahmins (Marathi Brahmins) if some Marathi Brahmins (Read, Nathu Ram Godse and Narayan Apte, 2 Maharashtrians) killed Father of Nation, Mahatma Gandhi." Notice, He uses the name of Sikhs to save Marathis and I must remind you, 2 people from Sikh Community carried the assassination of India's ex-Prime Minister Indira Gandhi in 1984 whereas 2 people from Marathi community carried assassination of Mahatma Gandhi in 1948, so many years before. I agree to you, Raj Thackeray. We can't blame the whole Race of Marathas if some Marathi Manus makes a mistake. In the similar fashion, Raj Thackeray, you can't say "Ek Bihari Sau Beemari", "One Bihari is equal to 100 disease", as you can't blame the whole Race of Biharis for mistakes of 2-3 Biharis. But, you have never met a fearless man like me who can show you your Right path. You will have debates with idiot, selfish and senseless politicians of UP and Bihar. If have Guts, go and have debate with an educated intellectual from Bihar. If you check History, the politicians of Maharashtra are more corrupt than Bihar. Sharad Pawar infamous Telgi scam was for 70,000 crore whereas Lalu Yadav infamous Fodder scam was for 900 crores. So, if politicians of Maharashtra can not stand for their own Fatherland, you must throw them out of Maharashtra rather than abusing and beating other people of UP and Bihar.


Racism in Delhi against Bihar:  Everyone speaks me why Biharis are neglected in Delhi. This has a History. As you must have come across BJP, a self-styled Hindu party who proclaims to be Gods of Hindus along with RSS. But when "Hindus of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh" were beaten in Maharashtra, none of these so called Hindu parties raised their voices against Bal Thackeray and Raj Thackeray, both self-styled Nazi. For my own views and experience against these so called "False Hindu parties" Read: http://www.peopleofbihar.com/forum/topics/an-open-letter-to-the-muslims-of-bihar


In the past India was ruled by Congress and Gandhi Parivar. They were so strong that they were considered invincible. But in 1979, a common man from Bihar, Jai Prakash Narayan threw Congress out by defeating him in the elections. This gave a ray of hope to RSS that they can defeat Congress and come in Power. Thus, BJP was formed and it laid its foundation on the hard work done by a Leader from Bihar. By the defeat of Congress, Congress started neglecting Bihar because it feared the growth and intellect of People of Bihar. Has Bihar become more educated and strong, their Leaders would rise to make a democratic India and thus end the dictatorial rule of Congress. So, these people stopped providing funds to Bihar which automatically made our people poor and it broke the spinal cord of our great state Magadh(Bihar).

Moreover, People of Bihar accepted the greatest mistake by accepting Hindi as a National language. Despite accepting Hindi as a National language, we were treated like Untouchable Indians in Hindi speaking areas of  Delhi and Western Uttar Pradesh. Moreover, Biharis have a different dialect of speaking Hindi as compared to Delhi people and this causes them to look them down upon them.


I sometimes wonder every guy from Marwari Rajasthani has got equal rights to come to Delhi and do business. Same is the case with a guy from Gujrat. Even people who came to Delhi as refugees are enjoying great success. But, if some one from Bihar comes to Delhi, they start telling us, "Go Back to Bihar." Am I living in Taliban or a country worst than Taliban??


The Hypocrisy of Western Uttar Pradeshi Bhaiyyas: There is a common language and culture between Eastern Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. This is the reason they are always supportive of us. But, if you come to stay in Western Uttar Pradesh, they will treat you like dogs. They will never give you Equality and will never make you feel better. These same politicians of Uttar Pradesh when needs help come to us and say, we both are brothers and sisters but when you go to work in their state, they will start lobbying and play dirty politics. Moreover, the UP politicians will try to impose their caste-system and dirty politics on you. I am just being truthful as I have lived in Western Uttar Pradesh Ghaziabad for almost 5 years. That is why I know the behavior of these people. So, my dear friends from Uttar Pradesh, "If you can't give us Respect, Don't expect Respect from us."


Who are the Bihar Haters: If you ask me, "Who are the Bihar haters??",  I will answer, "They are the North-Indians and selfish Neo-Maharastrians." Neo-Nazi Maharastrians are those Maharastrians who are born after the death of GodFather Savarkar, Greatest Indian ever born. I shall cover a different topic regarding him. I believe, the fall of Maharashtra only happened because they accepted casteist RSS Leader Gowalkar teachings and they betrayed and back-stabbed teachings of atheist Savarkar. Had Marathas followed Godfather Savarkar, today India would have been ruled by Marathas and they would have created same Respect in India among all Indians which now Sikhs have created. The reason for Maharashtra problems is their own selfish politicians of Maharashtra who rule over them and not People of Bihar.


Coming back to North-Indians, these North Indians treat people from their financial condition. Some, 40 years ago they used to treat Tamils with a lot of hatred but the moment Tamils of South India became rich, they started calling Tamils as their brothers and sisters. I have also seen North-Indian Muslims getting involved in hatred against Bihar. And, I see Muslims of Bihar having too much feelings for these People. To those Muslims, I will only say, Read what happened in Pakistan in 1994. All those Muslims from Bihar who migrated from Bihar to Pakistan were beaten and murdered by their so called Muslim brothers of Sindhi Muslims only because their dialect or speech was different from Bihari Muslims. Please Read: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anti-Bihari_sentiment#Pakistan So, it does not matter whether you are Hindu or Muslim from Bihar. If you are from Bihar, you are bound to get Racism from North India.


Friends of Bihar: Who are the Friends of Bihar?? Everyone does not hate Bihar. There has been Telugus from Andhra Pradesh who has been very helpful to us. There has been politicians from Hyderabad who has helped people of Bihar getting houses in Hyderabad. There has been Great Karnataka People who has been very kind. There has been a good number of Bihar people living in Bangalore and they have really helped us to grow. Besides Karnataka, Kerala has been very helpful. There has been also no problems from Odisha and Eastern Madhya Pradesh. So, you see, everyone does not held the same view about Bihar. South Indians being the India's most educated Race knows the difference between bad and good. And if they provide us equality, it clearly says, there must have been some problem and a lot of politics in the other states where we faced Racism.


What is the Solution to this Racism Problem: When Jews were massacred by Hitler, 1 great Jewish Leader gave a war cry which was "Come Back Home." And this indeed is our War Cry. Instead of migrating like anything, "Please Return Back and work something for Bihar." Secondly,  "Give Up your Caste." Thirdly, "Always Oppose Racism and Injustice against People of Bihar." Can you imagine a Jat being beaten in front of another Jat or a Sikh being beaten in front of another Sikh??  No, You Can't. But, can you imagine a Bihari being beaten to death in front of another Bihari?? Yes, You can. "Leave this Cowardice. Be a Man. You are the bloodline of Ashoka The Great who Unified this great country India despite so much Racism some 2500 years ago. Be Fearless. Be the sons to your Father and Mother."


Long Live Magadh and Our People.


With Warm Regards,

Aakash Arjuna.


P.S.: We don't believe that the Race of entire Maharastrians be blamed if 2 Marathi youths assassinated Father of Nation, Mahatma Gandhi. In the similar fashion, we don't believe that the entire Race of Magadhans(Biharis) be abused if some 2-3 Biharis made some mistake anywhere. We don't generalize, neither shall you, my dear friend from Maharashtra. This is nothing Personal. We are just standing for our Rights because we don't want 6 million Biharis to be assassinated like Jews. If you have any problem, mail us at welovebihar@gmail.com


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Comment by Vijay on September 23, 2014 at 11:47pm

I am from Bihari family, but born & brought up in Mumbai. I agree to you point. Also to the point that MNS is doing a wrong thing. But my experience with Marathi is all different. I have experience that 99/100 are very ethical, helpful and supporting people, as most of my friends are marathi. THey allow you settle hear, share their resources and also guide you as much possible. Unlike in other states in our country. People from all india are settled and living happily here.

I am not happy to say, but I have seen some people misbehaving & taking wrong advantages of the most civilized society. And some of them were from UP/Bihar that I come to know. THough i see my marathi friends talking about the improvement that needs to be done in my home state so that people like my dad are not forced to come to mumbai 0r delhi. Its our politician guys. Not any specific community. Politician in bihar are playing cruel politics that is forcing people in our state to migrate.

When more than 1000 cases were registered about robbery in the city and which concluded more than 75% were from UP/Bihar. THat gives political touch to it, whcih was cashed by MNS. Saying about Bal thackerey. Security guard in my society is from Bihar & he was security guard at Shivsena Head Office "SHivsena Bhavan". He personally tells me, shivsena is never against any hindu. Infact if any muslim traitors troubles any hindu (it may be bihari/marathi or malylyalee) they support him a lot.

So, the view with hate against a RSS is wrong.THe person can be wrong in any community, but i still believe the percentage of good people is more in all.


Best of luck from me.


Comment by tn on October 7, 2012 at 12:35pm
hi all antibihari if you want to respect than learn how to give respect. if you talk about national unity than learn which things is for unity.
Comment by KUMAR ROBINS on September 6, 2012 at 9:17pm

Very informative & analytically expressed!!

Comment by Jeetendra Singh on June 21, 2012 at 12:54pm

Yes Brother,

You are correct, we need to be helpful to our people then only we can grow unitedly.

Thanks for your encouragement!

Comment by Ananda Alahakoon on June 20, 2012 at 8:34pm

My dear ,

 I have half gone through this. I have no time to waste. Any allegation against Bihar will definitely become null and void because of its history that can not be denied by anyone in the world.

Jia Bihar( Magadha)

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