I am a Refugee: Bihari Muslims in Bangladesh and Pakistan, Condition of Bihari Muslims.

This report is for all those Muslims of Bihar who are brainwashed by Islamic Religious Leaders of Delhi and outside in the name of religion to commit violence in the name of Religion. This is an eye opener for all Bihari Muslims such as Zeya Rahman who forced me to write such a report because after having a debate with him, I felt that he has been brainwashed by Muslim fanatic Leaders just like I was brainwashed by Hindu fanatics. I being a wise man has left such fake ideologies but my friend Zeya Rahman has not. So, he and all those  Bihari Muslims who has soft corner for Pakistani Muslims and Bangladeshi Muslims must read this.


Dear Zeya Rahman, Being a Bihari Muslim, You have been shouting a lot in favor of those Pakistani Muslims and Bangladeshi Muslims. Now I shall tell you the Real Truth of those Namakharams Musalamans of Pakistan and Bangladeshi who killed Bihari Muslims.


After 1947, a lot of Muslims from Bihar migrated to Pakistan and then known as East Pakistan, now Bangladesh believing that living in an Islamic country with the law of Sharia will give them Jannat. But it came to be Jahannum for these foolish idiots. I am sure had Zeya Rahman been born in the previous century, he would also have migrated to Pakistan hoping that they are his "Muslim brothers" and give them more reservation and Rights what according to him a Hindu India can't give him. But I would have still lived in my beloved Bihar. Now see how Bihari Muslims came to be looted and killed by those Bangladeshi Muslims and Pakistani Muslims.


When East Pakistan was formed in 1947, Urdu was made its National language of East Pakistan(now Bangladesh) and Bengali was never given equal status. This caused a resentment in the minds of Bengalis. The mother-tongue of Bihari Muslims was Urdu and thus they were given high posts by the dominant Government of West Pakistan. It caused Anti-Bihar feelings in Bengali Muslims and they waited for their time to avenge them. Came 1971, and a war of liberation started in East Pakistan. Bihari Muslims saw these things as a small mutiny and sided with Pakistani Muslim and West Pakistan Government. For the liberation of Bangladesh, Bengali Muslims formed Mukti Bahini. This Mukti Bahini killed around 5 lakhs, half million Bihari Muslims. These Bengali Muslims rapes a lot of innocent married, young women of Bihari Muslims after killing their male members of their families.For details, I am Read: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mukti_Bahini, I am also uploading the pictures of how these Bengali Muslims assassinated Bihari Muslims so that ignorant Bihari Muslims like Zeya Rahman learns from these things. For more pics check these links, http://www.statelesspeopleinbangladesh.net/blood_tears.php

Bangladesh won this war against West Pakistan regime and Bangladesh became independent on 16 December, 1971. Now, the real game came up. Red Cross had to open its center in Bangladesh because Bangladeshis treated these Bihari Muslims as refugees. Still these people living in camps, and they Fight for their Rights to be considered as Bangladeshi citizens. Of these, most Bihari Mu7slims thought of migrating to Pakistan because they fought on their side. But Pakistan is a Namakharam country, a place full of traitors. Pakistan only accepted 1/3 population(1.5 million) of these Bihari Muslim migrants from Bangladesh and returned the rest. Of all those Bihari people living in Pakistan, Pakistani brothers and sisters of or relatives as of Zeya Rahman (as he himself told us) refused to accept these 1.5 million people as citizens of Pakistan and are forced to live in refugee camps. Pakistan keeps on threatening Bangladesh to take these Bihari Muslims back to their country as they came from Bangladesh. Pakistan says, we don't have any cultural similarity and History with these Bihari Muslims. Take them away. "Namakharam Pakistani !! These Bihari Muslims are also Muslims and according to your religion, all Muslims are brothers and sisters. When they accepted Islam, so why can't you accept them ??" And Bangladesh threatens these Bihari Muslims to go back to Bihar. Now I shall upload pictures of those people and children who are killed by Bangladeshi Police only because they were protesting peacefully for their Rights.

Mustafa, Bihari Muslim young boy, living in refugee camp was killed by Bengali Muslim police only because he was protesting peacefully with his father and other community members for granting civic Rights against Nazi Bengali Muslim Government. I shall give proper links of these photographs and websites otherwise Maulana Zeya Rahman would say, these pictures and information is fake. To all those critics of Aakash Arjuna, I would reply. "First learn to read and research everything. Know about World History, Magadh's royal History, Pakistan History, Bangladesh History, Conditions of Bihari Hindus and Bihari Mulsims in India and outside. Then come and have a proper and logical debate with me. Killing of children is not allowed in Islam as well as Hinduism. So, how dare those Bengali Muslim can kill Mustafa?? Can this action be justified?? And, Zeya Rahman, you must be thankful to your ancestors for taking the right decision to live in Bihar. Had they migrated to Bangladesh or Pakistan, so this photo could have been yours. You were just lucky and thank People of Bihar for the secularism they have granted you. I am not telling you to join RSS. I myself hate those monkeys. I am just telling you to be loyal to Bihar and Fight for Bihar's development irrespective of taking your religion very seriously.


In today's World, Ethnicity is more important than Religion. If I go to Maharashtra, the Marathas tell me, you are Bihari. They don't tell me that you are Hindu and I am Hindu. Lets eat together. They say, You are Bihari. I don't want to eat with you. A Punjabi Muslim comes to Punjab, The Punjabi Hinud says, "Oye Pra, asi milkar Roti khande hai." (Big brother, lets eat together). But a Bihari Muslim (Read: Zeya Rahman) meets Bihari Hindu (Read: Aakash Arjuna) and says: "I am Muslim, you are Hindu. You have got no right to criticize Aurangzeb great and Pakistan. Our relatives live over there."


Shameless. If your relative is Bihari Muslim, go and ask them how does Pakistani Muslims treats them?? So, you must decide which state shall you consider your fatherland?? Shall it be Bihar or Pakistan or Bangladesh ??


Links of the above article and source with photographs of slain Bihari Muslim youths and people:




http://www.statelesspeopleinbangladesh.net/blood_tears.php (Killings of Bihari Muslims in 1971)

http://www.statelesspeopleinbangladesh.net/bihari_bangladesh.php (Condition of Bihari Muslims in Pakistan and Bangladesh)

http://www.statelesspeopleinbangladesh.net/internment_camps.php (Young Children Bihari Muslims living in refugee camps and being killed)

P.S: I don't hate you Zeya Rahman. You have become my source of inspiration and great brother. I just want you to channelise your energy in creating a better Bihar. You must listen to everything, observe everyone and decide. I have written this post because in Medieval History you have abused our Motherland Bihar "hum Bihari kabhi kaamyab nahi hosake uski wajah sirf hamari mitti ka asar haiii ,,,,yeh saliii mitti hi haii ki hum hameshaaa sabseee akrdeee rehgayeee uske ilawa aur kuch nahiii kiyeeee...". Mere Dost Yeh hamari mitti ki mahanta hi hai ki Tumhe Refugee camp mei nahi rehna pad raha hai aur Bangalore mei acchi khasi job kar rahe ho, Life settle hai, koi tension nahi hai, so please learn to Respect Bihar and Dare to think beyond your religion.



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