Medieval History of Great Magadh(Bihar)

The Medieval History of Magadh(Bihar) was the darkest age of all times. This was the beginning of the downfall of Bihar. No one or no writer has ever written a detailed record on it. Here, I shall present you the whole story that caused the downfall of Magadh that started from the Medieval Period.

Magadh(Bihar) had a great Buddhist influence during Medieval Period due to conversion of Ashoka The Great to Buddhism. Nalanda and Vikramshila was great Powers of learning at that time. But there was none efficient ruler present who could protect the boundaries of Great Magadh(Bihar). Right from 11th century, Magadh(Bihar) came to be attacked by Islamic invaders from middle east. It was attacked by Muhammad of Ghor several times. He destroyed a lot of Buddhist monasteries and killed many innocent people in the name of religion. The final blow was struck by Muhammad Bin Bakhtiar Khilji in 1203. He attacked Bihar and burnt Nalanda University and Vikramshila University, he burnt a lot of books which were about the glorious past of Great Magadh(Bihar). By burning such books, he wanted to create fear among the Future Magadhan generations that they are inefficient and an incapable race good for nothing because he knew that if some one who can threw these Islamic invaders from middle east outside India, they were Magdhans under an able Leader. So, he thought of destroying a weak Magadh before it becomes powerful. He massacred a lot of innocent Buddhists monks too.

Magadh(Bihar) came to be ruled by Sher Shah Suri in 1534 who later took the control of whole of India. Some foolish and idiot historians have compared his rule to the rule of Lord Rama or Ashoka The Great and has emphasized that he was born in Sasaram of Bihar and he was a Magadhan(Bihari). This is one of the most idiot philosophies that I have read being a Magadhan. It is as if you are calling terrorist Osama Bin Laden as an American citizen. Sher Shah Suri was Never a Magadhan(Bihari). He was a traitor, fascist and cruel man. Sher Shah was son of an Afghan migrant and his mother tongue was Afghani. He always considered himself Afghan. he fought against Mughal Sultan Humayun because everyone knows the arch-rivalry between Mughals and Afghans. No one writes about the facts that Sher Shah Suri killed many innocent Hindus of Bihar in the name of religion. He also destroyed the idols of Great Chandragupta Maurya, his mother Rajmata Mura and Ashoka The Great. He tried to erase the History of Bihar and tried to create a story that Hitory of Bihar has originated from himself. And you see, most of the people belief in this false story,. If you visit any website relating to Bihar, those websites will be full of praises for Sher Shah Suri as if those writers were born from Sher Shah Suri or they come from the family of that Afghan. Just because of Sher Shah Suri false stories, People of Bihar has forgotten the names of their real ancestors like Ajatsatru, Chandra Gupta Maurya, Ashoka The Great, Chankya and many more. This was one of the greatest mistakes ever done in History and we strongly oppose it being The True Blood Magadhans.

Bihar after Sher Shah Suri came to be captured by those lousy character Mughals. They used to take every decision of Bihar sitting from Delhi. There was no great school of education in Bihar which could teach the students about greatness of their culture in Magadh at that time. Too much taxes were imposed on People of Magadh(Bihar) by Akbar and his successors. Bihar during Aurangzeb (A Mughal King) time came to be ruled by his grandson Azim-Us-Shan who became the Governor of Bihar. He renamed Patliputra(India's ancient capital and present capital of Bihar) to Azimabad in 1704. Now see the real drama. Patliputra, the World famous capital city of Great Magadhans who created Unified India under Ashoka The Great was named Azimabad by an invader of Bihar. And there are some stupid and illiterate politicians of Bihar who are saying that Patna(present capital of Bihar) should be renamed Azimabad. Is these politicians children of Mohammad Azim-Us-Shan, the Mughal butcher who assassinated local people of Bihar, tried to erase our History and there are still such people who wants to rename our great city of Patliputra to Azimabad. Can you ever imagine an American politician saying that we shall rename New York to Osama-Bin-Laden-bad(let us name it after Osama Bin Laden). This can never happen in America, such things can only happen in India. Our country is full of traitors and these traitors has caused our great country to fall.

After Mughal rule, Bihar came to be ruled by Nawab of Bengals which again looted Bihar and its resources. So, this middle age caused Magadh(Bihar) to fall. There was not even a single able leader to oppose these oppressions on our people. The confident of people of Magadh was destroyed due to burning of Nalanda University. The future generation never came to be known of its glorious past. This caused them to live every time in fear. Muhammand Bin Bakhtiar Khilji automatically became successful in his mission of destroying the confidence, history and cultute of Great Magadh and Magadh in later period came to be ruled by other people sitting from Delhi and Bengal. It still continues to the present day. Politicians who has never visited Magadh(Bihar) once in their life time writes the budget of Magadh(Bihar) and they never give proper money for Bihar's growth. These same politicians can't do the same with Maharstra and Tamil Nadu because their leaders knows how to Fight for their Rights. But our politicians can never think beyond their caste, greed and more over there are some Politicians of Bihar who don't even know the name of their Fathers. These people some times tell Aurangzeb as their Father, some times Sher Shah Suri, some times Azim-Us-Shan. But they don't know that Magadhans are the descendants of One Blood and One Race. We are Children of Ashoka The Great, India's greatest ruler ever born, and will always be. I hope you must have liked the true story of Medieval History of Great Magadh(Bihar).

With Warm Regards,

Aakash Arjuna.


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Comment by Maneesh Kumar Mishra on June 4, 2013 at 11:38am


Comment by Ranjan kumar jha on July 20, 2012 at 9:49am
Hem Chandra was based at Rewari, an important stopover in mediaeval times for traders from Iran and Iraq on the way to Delhi. He started his career as a supplier of cereals to Sher Shah Suri's army, moving on to more critical supplies like saltpetre (for gunpowder) later Sher Shah had defeated Humayun in the year 1540 and had forced him to withdraw to Kabul. He also developed a cannon foundry in Rewari, laying the foundation of an industry in brass, copper sheets and utensils manufacture.[21] Hemu obtained technical assistance for casting cannons, and for producing saltpetre, from the Portuguese in Goa, who were also helping the Hindu Vijayanagar Empire against the Deccan Sultanates in South India, by supplying cannons, gun-powder and Arabian horses.[citation needed]

After Sher Shah Suri's death in 1545, his son Islam Shah became ruler of North India. Islam Shah recognised the calibre, and administrative skills of Hem Chandra and made him his personal adviser.[17] He consulted Hem Chandra in matters relating not only to trade and commerce, but also pertaining to statesmanship, diplomacy and general politics.[22] Islam Shah initially appointed Hem Chandra Shahang-i-Bazar, meaning 'Market superintendent' in Persian, to manage commerce throughout the empire.[23] This post gave Hem Chandra the opportunity to frequently interact with the king, having to apprise him of the trade and commercial situation of the kingdom.[24] Abul Fazal says that Islam Shah held Hemu in great esteem.[25] In 1550, Hemu accompanied Islam Shah to the Punjab where he was deputed along with other high officers to receive Mirza Kamran in the fort of Rohtas. Islam Shah consulted Hemu on a variety of matters.[26] After serving as Shahang-i-Bazar,for some time, Hemu rose to become Chief of Intelligence or Daroga-i-Chowki (Superintendent of Post).[27] Islam Shah's health deteriorated in 1552 and he shifted his base from Delhi to Gwalior, which was considered safer. Hem Chandra was deputed as Governor to the Punjab to safeguard the region against a Mughal invasion. Hem Chandra held this position till October 30, 1553, when Islam Shah died.

Islam Shah was succeeded by his 12 year old son Firoz Khan who was killed within three days by Adil Shah Suri. The new king Adil was an indolent pleasure-seeker and a drunkard [5] who faced revolts all around.[28] Adil Shah took Hem Chandra as his Chief Advisor and entrusted all his work to him.[17] appointing him the prime minister and chief of his army.[2][3] After some time, Adil Shah became insane and Hem Chandra became the de facto king
Many Afghan governors rebelled against the weak King Adil Shah and refused to pay the taxes, but Hem Chandra quelled them. Ibrahim Khan, Sultan Muhhamad Khan, Taj Karrani, Rukh Khan Nurani and several other Afghan rebels were defeated and killed.[15] At the battle of Chhapparghatta in December 1555, Hemu routed the Bengal forces under Muhammad Shah, who was killed in the battle.
Comment by Ranjan kumar jha on July 20, 2012 at 9:46am
On hearing of Hem Chandra's serial victories and the fall of large territories like Agra and Delhi, the Mughal army at Kalanaur lost heart and many commanders refused to fight Hemu.[5] Most of his commanders advised Akbar to retreat to Kabul which would serve better as a strong-hold. However, Bairam Khan, Akbar's guardian and chief strategist, insisted on fighting Hemu in an effort to gain control of Delhi.

On 5 November 1556, the Mughal army met Hem Chandra's army at the historic battle field of Panipat. Bairam Khan exhorted his army in a speech with religious overtones and ordered them into battle. Akbar and Bairam Khan stayed in the rear, eight miles from the battle ground with the instructions to leave India in case of defeat. Mughal army was lead by Ali Kuli Khan, Sikandar Khan and Abdulla Khan Uzbeg [35] Hemu led his army himself into battle, atop an elephant. His left was lead by his sister's son General Ramiya and right by Shadi Khan Kakkar. He was on the cusp of victory, when he was wounded in the eye by an arrow, and collapsed unconscious. This led to confusion amongst the soldiers, with no supreme commander to coordinate decisions.

Unconscious and at death's door, Hemu was captured by Shah Qulin Khan and carried to the Mughal camp for execution. He was first struck by Akbar himself, so that Akbar could earn the title of "Ghazi" (holy warrior). He was then beheaded by Bairam Khan.[36] His head was sent to Kabul, where it was hanged outside the Delhi Darwaza, while his body was placed in a gibbet outside Purana Quila in Delhi.

'Beheaded Skulls Minarett' built by Akbar of Hem Chandra's relatives and supporters after battle at Panipat[edit] AftermathThe tragedy did not end here. Forces of Akbar conquered the Sarkar of Alwar where Hemu's father was living. Abul Fazl, the trusted friend of Akbar and chronicler of the reign, describes what happened in the following words, "the place was strong and there was much fighting, and the father of Hemu was captured and brought alive before the Nasir-al-mulk. The latter called upon him to change his religion. The old man answered, 'for eighty years I have worshipped my god, according to my religion. Why should I change it at this time, and why should I, merely from fear of my life, and without understanding it come to your way of worship?' Pir Mohammad treated his words as if he heard them not, and answered him with the toung of the sword". Such was the noble end of family of Hemu, a great Hindu who was born in humble life, but made his way to the throne of Delhi by dint of sheer ability and military skills - a unique episode in the history of India during Muslim rule.

After Hemu's death, a massacre of Hemu's community and followers was ordered by Bairam Khan. Thousands were beheaded and towers of skulls built with their heads, to instil terror among the Hindus. At least one painting of such minarets is displayed in the "Panipat Wars Museum" at Panipat in Haryana. These towers were still in existence about 60 years later as described by Peter Mundy, a British traveler who visited India during the time of Jahangir
Comment by Dilu Sinha on July 18, 2012 at 11:23pm
Thanks foryour taunt. I tried the site again a.nd i could
get the blog. I went through the blog which appears to be written with strong religious feeling. iwill go through the text mentioned in blog
I wish you also go through original text instead of believing blog. it is difficult to believe that an amy working on cmmunal line will choose their king a hindu the hemu
Comment by Saumya on July 18, 2012 at 11:15pm

Dilu ji kya ye link kaam karti hai?ya ye bhi nahi?

aap seniour citizen ho k, itne samjhdaar ho k,itne gyani ho k, hum jaise 20-22 saal k bewkoof baccho se lad rahe hai wo bhi lakdi ki talvaar le k. Ok hum hi aapki izzat karte hue is debate se alag ho jaate hai. Namaste Uncle ji...

Comment by Dr Tarkeshwar on July 18, 2012 at 10:25pm

Dilu ji..My low speed internet connection is able to connect to that blog and your ultra high speed internet is unable to connect. Beyond my belief and imagination and couldn't be possible. I told na it will be foolishness to give more things to you. thanks...

Comment by Dilu Sinha on July 18, 2012 at 7:28pm
the blog you have refered could not be connected. The references does not mention any oppression on any person irrespective of religion. But they do speakof good job done by shershah.
Comment by Dr Tarkeshwar on July 18, 2012 at 1:38am

Mr Dilu ji...whatever I have written is not my imagination as I have given all the proofs of my words.I have given all the links. And I know that you have not read this link. .

Aur meri koi jaati dushmani nahi hai Sher saah suri k saath jo mai use bura proof karne k piche pada hoon.bas jo sach hai wahi saamne laa raha hoon. Aur ye book bhi maine nahi likhi, balki Tarikh -e - Sher Shahi written by Abbas Khan aur aapko ye Biot and dowson,Vol 4,Tarikhe-e-sher sahi ,pp 403 me mil jaaayegi.Niche likhe hui chheje uske baare me ye saabit karne k liye tha ki usne katleaam kiya ki nahi,Hindu rajao ki females k saath kya kiya,jaisa ki aapk anusaar wo 1 mahan saint tha,usne kabhi kisi ko mara hi nahi,kisi Hindu aurat ki izzat k saath kuch kiya nai etc etc.Jaisa ki aapne Sher Saah k Sasaram ka raja banne ki kahani batayi wiasa to mujhe nahi mila but haan aap baaki ki kahani is page pe jarror padh sakte hai.(

Aur aap kuch bhi kahne se pahle mere purane post jarror padh le kyuki jaisa ki ap mujhpe ilzaam laga rahe ki mai apna hero religion k basis pe bana raha hoon. Mai Bahadursaah Jafar,Saai Baba etc ko bahut mahan manta hoon aur sayad aapko unke baare me to pata hi hoga.

And Saumya ji 1 information de rahi hai but fir bhi aapko batana chahunga ki Israel 1 Yahudi desh form hone k baad hi developed bana hai and uski technology na pata hoo to net pe padh jaroor lijiyega.

Ab isse jada mai aapko nahi samjha sakta,aur proof nahi de sakta,isse jada mera bolna bhais k aage bin bajana hoga. Dhanyavaad aapke comments k liye and Bihar ki tarraki me aapke sahyog bana rahe.

Dr TN.

Comment by Dilu Sinha on July 17, 2012 at 8:36pm
In 21st century , great nation develops on its scientific

& technological advancement and work ethics. It is not related to religion
Comment by Dilu Sinha on July 17, 2012 at 7:29pm
It seems your main objection comes from your imagination that sher shah must have taken kingdom from a hindu king.. He had taken kingdom by dethroning a nawab of Biharsharif.
please do not choose hero onbasis of religion
Comment by Saumya on July 17, 2012 at 12:32am

There are 153 Christian, 52 Islamic and 12 Buddhist and even 1 Jewish country in the world but............

Comment by Dr Tarkeshwar on July 16, 2012 at 11:56pm

Dilu ji....Mai manta hoon ki Sher Saah suri ne bahut saare acche kaam kiye,magar iska ye matlab nahi ki wo mahan ho gaya aur hum uski puja karne lage

agar aapki nazro se dekha jaye to Hitler bhi bahut mahan tha. Usne bhi bahut saare acche kaam kiye.Germany ko 1918(after 1st world war) me hue apmaan ka badla liya,aur wo agar jeet jata to aaj Bharat 1 mahashakti hota na ki America ye Britain. Bharat pe aaj bhi kisi na kisi roop me Britan ka haq chalata hai eg Commonwealth. which means that India is a common wealth of Britain.aur bhi bahut si baaten hai bt unhe yahan likhne ka matlab nahi banta.So Hitler ne bhi kya galat kiya?usne bhi apne country k haq me hi sab kaam kiye,apne logo k liye hi kaam kiye.But usko to koi mahan nahi kahta.


Comment by Dr Tarkeshwar on July 16, 2012 at 11:55pm

Dilu ji kya aap Sher sah k ristedaar hai jo use itna tavvajo de rahe hai. Aur aap ye kaise kah sakte hai ki Sher saah ne katlee aam nahi kiya? jung kya usne Lakdi ki talvaar se ladi thi jo koi mara hi na hoga. aur kya use Sasaram me apne aap ko sthapit karne k liye pahle k kisi Hindu raja ko harana na pada hoga? Aur nishchit hi wo satta parivartan Britan ki kranti jaisa to nahi hoga. Aur Bharat me basee kisi 1 bhi muslim sasak ne katleaam na kiya ho,nirdosh logo ko na mara hoo,mandiro ko na toda ho.Banaras me Kashivishvnath mandir k just bagal me 1 masjid hai,Mathura me Krishna janmbhumi mandir se sate 1 masjidd hai,kya ye sab Hindu sasko ne banwaye hai aur aapne logo ki iccha se bana hai?

And before writing again a stuff please read this carefully and then write. It will open someone's closed eyes but it can't open such eyes who doesn't want to open their eyes.

plz read this blog with patience.Tab aapko ye bhi pata chal jayega ki Hindu dharm me Sati Pratha kaha se aayi aur kaun jimeevaar hai aur kaise laga Hindu dharm ko ye kalank.

Ab bhi agar aap ki aankhen nahi khuli to fir Allah bhi aapko samjha nahi sakte.


Comment by Dr Tarkeshwar on July 16, 2012 at 11:53pm

In 1540, According to Tarikh -e - Sher Shahi written by Abbas Khan

Sher Shah Suri ordered that at sunrise they should surround the tents of Bhaia Puran Mal. Puran Mal was told that they were surrounding his encampment, and going into the tent of his beloved wife Ratnavali,
who sang Hindi melodies very sweetly, he cut off her head, and coming out said to his companions : " I have done this do you also slay your wives and families." While the Hindus were employed in putting their women and families to death, the Afghans on all sides commenced the slaughter of the Hindus, Puran Mal and his companions, like hogs at bay, failed not to exhibit valour and gallantry, but in the twinkling of an eye all were slain. Such of their wives and families as were not slain were captured. One daughter of Puran Mai and three sons of his elder brother were taken alive, the rest were all killed. Sher Khan gave the daughter of Puran Mal to some itinerant minstrels (bazigaran), that they might make her dance in the bazars, and ordered the boys to be castrated, that the race of the oppressor might not increase.
Elliot and Dowson, Vol. 4, Tarikh-e-Sher Shahi, pp 403
Comment by Dilu Sinha on July 16, 2012 at 8:58pm
Do not blame sher shah for katleam
Comment by Dr Tarkeshwar on July 16, 2012 at 1:16am

Chahe koi bhi era raha ho Budhist monks ka katleaam hamesha hua hai?

Comment by Dilu Sinha on July 16, 2012 at 12:45am

You have written about killing of Bhudist monks. These killing had happened during attack by Bhaktiar Khilji in 1190AD not by sher shah in sixteenth century.
Sorry for repeating the fact of sher shah.

Comment by Dilu Sinha on July 16, 2012 at 12:30am


yes I have repeated the facts, and conclusions. You have not refuted facts given by me. I have not heard about any autobiography written by sher shah. .

As far as heros of Bihar, There are are many like Chandragupta maura, Samrat asoka, chanakya, samudragupta, chandragupta vikramaditya, Aryabhatta, Amar Sinh. Vidyapati 

But not adding sher shah suri would be a great mistake. Many afganis may have written biography of sher shah suri claiming him to be an afgani. Many bengali claim Vidyapati as Bengali, But does that mean Vidyapati is not our hero? So is the case with sher shah.   The great Bihar has got a composite culture where all community have contributed.

Comment by Aakash Arjuna on July 15, 2012 at 12:40pm

@ Zeya Rahman

All those Bihari Muslims who migrated to East Pakistan(now Bangladesh) and West Pakistan are forced to live in Refugee camps and have been denied voting Rights by your so-called Muslim brothers. Now still if you want to favor these Namakharms, you can do so. And I am not creating any story. Just read: and see what UNO says about these Stranded Pakistanis or Bihari Muslims. Bangladesh Government has told Bihar Government to take these 15 lakhs Bihari Muslims back to their state as they find them to be different from their culture. Both are Muslims but can't accept each other. Now still if you wanna support those idiots, you can do so.

Comment by Aakash Arjuna on July 15, 2012 at 10:47am

Dear Dilu Sinha, I think you have a habit of repeating yourself. These points were written by you before also and you keep on writing the same points always and always. You can go and worship Sher Shah Suri. First, go to a Buddhist library and make a research on Sher Shah Suri and number of Buddhists he killed. Secondly, Hemu was only supported by Sher Shah Suri because he helped Sher Shah Suri to Fight Mughals and provided him soldiers as Afghaini Sher Shah Suri wanted to control Delhi Sultanate and overthrow Mughlas out. It was a Power clash. And, I have read more history than you. I can't understand you always keep on repeating the same thing. Sher Shah Suri shall be considered our Hero. Why don't you tell that Chandra Gupta Maurya or Ashoka The Great who are 100% Bihari shall be considered our Hero?? When Sher Shah Suri himself never considered as a Bihari and is worshipped as an Afghani Hero in the literature of Afghanistan, why shall we consider such an idiot as a Hero of Bihar?? So, instead of making someone Hero to create a moral enlistment of Biharis Right but its totally wrong to call someone a Hero who never belonged to Bihar and never considered himself Bihari. And please don't try to impose Sher Shah Suri on Bihar only because you follow him.



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