The Main Reason for the Underdevelopment of "Our Bihar" is that we dont want to discuss issues related to Our Bihar. We all are too much involved in our Ego clashes.


Punjabis, Gujratis and Bengalis are very successful in a group. India's Top most comapnies like Airtel, Reliance, Tata, Sahara is owned by Punjabis, Gujratis and Bengalis.  But when it comes to Bihar,

"  A Bihari individually becomes very successful  in his Life but Biharis are Never Never Never successful in a Group !!"

You can easily find a lot of Biharis as IAS, IPS, Software Engineers but you will never find Biharis ruling a Business Empire. The reason behind is the inflated Ego of every Bihari. One Bihari can Never work with another Bihari due to personal Ego problems.


I want to change all this. The First step of Change is Communication , Communication is the First step on how to Change the mind set of "People of Bihar", as more and more we will talk among ourselves, our ego will fall and we will be able to grow together and will be able to work as a team. With Changing times, caste system is falling. This is another good step towards a developed Bihar.


Remember whenever Biharis have United, History has Changed, When our ancestor Maharaj Chandragupta Maurya United "People of Bihar", Alexander invasion was destroyed and he brought back all North West province of India snatched away by Macedonians. When Lok Nayak Jai Prakash Narayan United All Biharis in 1977 during Sampoorna Kranti Movement, Congress's Dictatorial Empire was destroyed. This all happened because in those times Bihar People used to communicate between themselves. They used to throw their ego in dustbin and work for Our Motherland Bihar.


Now, The Time has come when we will see same Bihar. For this, I invite All People of Bihar to come forward and communicate. I invite All Fathers and Mothers, brothers and Sisters, Youth of Bihar to come and discuss their stories, ideas on how to develop Bihar. I invite All of them to discuss everything, under the section of Blogs and Forum.


Let us take a Pledge to make a Prosperous and Peaceful Bihar.

Long Live Bihar !!


Jai Hind !! Jai Bihar !!


A Soldier and A Son of Bihar,

Aakash Arjuna !!


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