Bihar Languages

The primary languages of Bihar are Maithili, Magahi(Magadhi), Bhojpuri and Angika. Apart from them, other languages are also spoken such as Bajjika, Fiji Hindi, Sarnami Hindustani, Surajpuri and Kudmali. Although official language of Bihar state is Hindi but the total number of Hindi speakers are very less in Bihar.

Maithili Language
Maithili language is spoken in Eastern India and South Eastern region of Nepal.The native speakers of Maithili live in Mithilanchal district of Bihar. It is also widely spoken in Jharkhand, parts of West Bengal and Eastern Madhya Pradesh. Maithili is the only language which has been granted the status of a separate language according to the eighth schedule of Indian constitution of 2003. There are about 50 million speakers of Maithili language as of year 2010. Maithili speaking people nhas always denied the super imposition of Hindi on them and that is the reason, their language has survived. Maithili is spoken in the districts of Madhubani, Supaul, Araria, Darbhanga, Sitamarhi, Saharsa, Begusarai, Muzaffarpur, Sheohar, Samastipur, and Vaishali of Bihar state . Maithili is also spoken in the Terai region of Nepal, mainly in Narayani Zone, Janakpur Zone, Koshi Zone, and Sagarmatha Zone of Nepal. There are 12% people of Nepal whose mother tongue is Maithili. Although Maithili has gained importance as a language, it still has a large way to go to survive itself. The reason being so is that we don't have Maithili films that are made nor are any efforts made to promote the language.

Magahi(Magadhi) Language
Magahi language derives its name from the Magadhi Prakrit, an ancient language of Great Magadh(Bihar) which was the official language of Mauryan Empire as well as the language spoken by Buddha.It has been spoekn in eigth districts of Bihar and three in Jharkhand. It is also widely spoekn in Malda district of Bengal. It uses Devnagri as its script. It has 20 million speakers. It has been regarded as a dialect of Hindi but in reality it is different from Hindi. It has ben fighting to gain its independence but without a good leader, its struggle has come to an end and it seems it has accepted the super imposition of Hindi.

Bhojpuri Language
Bhojpuri is the most popular language of Bihar. It is the third most spoken Indian language outside India. It is spoken in western Bihar, north western part of Jharkhand, Purvanchal region of Uttar Pradesh and some parts of West Bengal and Madhya Pradesh. It is wrtten in Devnagri script. It is also widely spoekn in Nepal, Mauritius, Fiji and Trininad and Tobago. Bhojpuri has been considered by some pseudo-intellectuals leaders of north India as a dialect of Hindi which is totally false. The native speakers of Bhojpuri are still struggling to get it recognised as a language. However Bhojpuri movies, an empire of 200 million, has been able to upheld this cause very bravely. Bhojpuri movies has been successful in creating an image on people of India that there language also is respectful and it deserves more than mere attention. The bhojpuri suprstars like Manoj Tiwari and Ravi Kishan enjoys emi God status in Bhojpur district of Bihar. The bhojpuri speaking people are also known as Bhojpurias. There are about 60 million speakers of Bhojpuri. We strongly believe Bhojpuri must gain its due respect and be recognised as a separate langauge and not a dialect of Hindi.

Angika Language
Angika is an ancient language of Anga Pradesh that falls within the boundaries of Bihar, Jharkhand and West Bengal. It is also spoekn in Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia and other South East Asian countries. A googole search ngine is also present in Angika Language since 2003 that provides a distinct feature to the language. Demand for inclusion of Angika as an official language is still pending in Eight schedule of Indian constitution. The native speakers of Angika language is 30 to 40 million.

Bajjika Language
Bajjika is a Bihari language which is spoken by about 11 million people living in Muzaffarpur, Vaishali, Samastipur, East Champaran, Shivhar and Sitamarhi districts of Bihar. Muzzaffarpur is the capital of Bajjikanchal. There are also 2 lakhs speakers of Bajjika language in Nepal.


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