An Open Letter to Muslims of Bihar !!

This is a letter sent to us by a Hindu (Read: Human Being) of Bihar and he has asked us to upload it here for Muslims (Read: Human Beings) of Bihar


A very hearty good evening to all Muslims of Bihar,


Today I wish to write an open letter to all of you and say some truth about your community which I have observed and felt for these many years. I am a Hindu from Bihar and I don't want to tell my name here. I studied at Don Bosco Academy, Patna, passed 10th from there in the year 2003 and 12th from Magadh University, Patna in 2005. During those days, there was a lot of influence of RSS on me. I used to hate Muslims. I used to think Muslims are the cause of all problems in India from Population to Love Jihad to terrorism in India. There was an old friend of mine in Don Bosco, Patna. His name was Ejaj Ahmed. We were great friends. On every Eid, I used to go to his house and eat sevai from his ammi (mother's) hand. Those were the days when I was in 7th-8th std. But when I came in 9th std I started reading books by RSS and my opinions on Muslims changed. My friend Ahmed Ejaj used to abuse Pakistanis a lot. He used to say India will always win against Pakistan in cricket breaking the myth that Muslims silently supports Pakistan in cricket matches. After the influence of RSS, I cut friendship with Ahmed, stopped going to his house in Patna city area during Eid. After completing 12th, I moved to Delhi in 2006 to pursue higher education. There was a lot of hatred in my heart for Muslims as I was brainwashed by Marathi lobby invention called RSS.


Then came year 2008 and on February 2008, hands of a Hindu laborer Sri Kishnu was cut by MNS in Mumbai. Slowly and steadily MNS beat a lot of Hindu students of UP and Bihar and so called Hindu leader Bal Thakre abused Hindus of UP and Bihar.  I was shocked at this. I had the dream of Hindu Rashtra as shown to me by these RSS thugs. As I was staying in Delhi, I made a phone call to Hindu headquarter of RSS Nagpur in 2008 (I was just 21 years old then). I told them, "I am a Bihari Hindu. Why the hell are you killing Bihari Hindus and why the hell this old fox Bal Thakre is abusing Hindus of UP and Bihar ??" RSS said, "We can't do anything. Its all politics. You won't understand. Get Lost." I said, "Ok you monkeys. Now I will stop you from coming to Bihar and I will never let a riot being caused in Bihar. I will take it to my notice that Hindus and Muslms of Bihar gets a proper equality and thugs like you are brought to justice." RSS man told me, "I will see you." I replied, "You people are double faced hypocrates. The truth of this Third World India is that no one is Hindu and no one is Muslim. If time comes, some one becomes Hindu, some Muslim, some one becomes Marathi, some one Punjabi but no one will ever become an Indian. Just because of rascals like you India was a slave under Mughals and British and just because of hypo-crates like you India will see a self-destruction in Future." I cut the phone up.

Then I read about Muslims of Bihar. I read that Bhojpuri first movie was acted by a Muslim called Nasir Hussain and one of its song was sung by Muslim Mohammad Rafi. So, I felt nice about Muslims. Then I read one thing which RSS says, that whenever Muslim increases, terrorism also increases. They do bomb blasts and terrorist activities. I read, "Bihar is the only state in India which has not seen a bomb blast by a terrorist or so called Islamic terrorists despite the fact Bihar has almost more than 25% Muslims." So, it clearly proves Muslims of Bihar are good and peace loving people." My hatred for them collapsed. Now I would like to make an appeal to Muslims of Bihar.


As I changed my views and am now focusing on overall growth of People of Bihar irrespective of their religion. But same is not the case of other Muslims of Bihar. A lot of youth are being brainwashed by so called Islamic Religious Leaders of Delhi. In the recent incident, some 4-5 Muslim youth were caught in Pune bomb blasts case from Madhubani and Darbhanga after which Raj Thackray, Worst Bihar hater said, UP bihar gives terrorist trainings. Recently, another Muslim boy Abdul Qadir from Sitamarhi, Bihar was arrested by Mumbai police for breaking Amar Jawan memorial in Mumbai. After his arrest, Raj Thackeray said that his Nazi-party MNS will declare all Biharis as "infiltrator" in Maharashtra and he would throw all Biharis outside Maharashtra. So, I believe these Muslim guys were forced to do such things because some politicians and religious fanatic leaders would have planted the seed of insecurity about their community in their hearts. Now, the question lies in your hearts. I was lucky to get out of these politicians and became a Man who believes in justice and equality. In the similar fashion, I am making an appeal to Muslim youth of Bihar to become careful of such dangerous brainwashing techniques applied by fundamentalist leaders of Hindu and Muslim community. We want Peace, happiness and Jutice and if we don't stop taking this issue seriously, Bihar will also become like Gujarat and Maharashtra where riots are a common thing. At the end of the day, when a man dies, he is not a Hindu or a Muslim. He is son of a mother, husband of a woman, father of a child and citizen of India. So, think and rationalize. I would invite Muslim youths to come forward and give their views. If possible PeopleofBihar.Com is ready to held rallies in Kishanganj and Muslim dominated areas to finish fundamentalism.


I have been honest and just. I believe Muslim mothers and sisters of Bihar would forgive their son for the mistake he did by hating Muslims. I believe Ahmed Ejaj(my friend), I don't know where he is, One day he will come back to me. I believe I will be able to make a just and a great world for all natives of Bihar, be it Hindu or be it Muslim.


Thanks and Regards,

A Hindu(Read: Human Being) from Bihar.



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Comment by Vijay on September 23, 2014 at 11:43pm

I am from Bihari family, but born & brought up in Mumbai. I agree to you point. Also to the point that MNS is doing a wrong thing. But my experience with Marathi is all different. I have experience that 99/100 are very ethical, helpful and supporting people, as most of my friends are marathi. THey allow you settle hear, share their resources and also guide you as much possible. Unlike in other states in our country. People from all india are settled and living happily here.

I am not happy to say, but I have seen some people misbehaving & taking wrong advantages of the most civilized society. And some of them were from UP/Bihar that I come to know. THough i see my marathi friends talking about the improvement that needs to be done in my home state so that people like my dad are not forced to come to mumbai 0r delhi. Its our politician guys. Not any specific community. Politician in bihar are playing cruel politics that is forcing people in our state to migrate.

When more than 1000 cases were registered about robbery in the city and which concluded more than 75% were from UP/Bihar. THat gives political touch to it, whcih was cashed by MNS. Saying about Bal thackerey. Security guard in my society is from Bihar & he was security guard at Shivsena Head Office "SHivsena Bhavan". He personally tells me, shivsena is never against any hindu. Infact if any muslim traitors troubles any hindu (it may be bihari/marathi or malylyalee) they support him a lot.

So, the view with hate against a RSS is wrong.THe person can be wrong in any community, but i still believe the percentage of good people is more in all.


Best of luck from me.


Comment by Arshad azam on May 25, 2014 at 10:07pm
Comment by MUKUND JHA on February 1, 2013 at 3:18pm


I salute your honesty..This is more important to retain your faith not only to Muslims rather to all human beings.This is us who make society and a healthy society contents of all religions. A good things should always share with good people for better impact.

In Indian History, this very clear no Hindu -Muslim issues before 1947..( do not include invaders from outside) ..

Hence, whatever issues raised and distributed by nonsense politicians and "mulla-pandits", otherwise a common nationals had never a problem at all..

This is the time when we have to unite and reply those "white elephants and dharmik business man" who are running their shows only over such kind of useless issues..

Thanks once again for your thoughts..hope you will remain continue with good motives..



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