After few discussions few some of our Marathi brothers I decided to have a poll.

Do we really hate each other?

or its just a political propaganda. I personally do not hate any marathi except Thakre and co. So here is a poll. Just few simple questions and give your answers in least possible words.

Q1. Why we hate Maharastra/Marathi people?

Ans- A) They have anything better than us.

         B) They are descender of Shivaji Maharaj.

         C) They do have job in there state and they do job in other parts of India also.

         D) Its only Raj Thakre and company who bark and bite innocent Bihari people.

Q2. Why Marathis hates Bihari's and UP's?

 Ans- A) We have anything better than them.

         B) We are descenders of Smrat  Ashok The great, Chandragupt and Chanyaky and many  

             great people. 

         C)We do job there also and earn bread and butter and they think that we are snatching

             their jobs.

         D) Its Nitish kumar who never speak any word against any one whether Marathi or any one.

plz give your ans from above options and if you find any other answer then also tell us.

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1. D
2. D
attack is best defence.

Dr. Tarkeshwar it is very easy to call Thackerey or marathis bastard from a safe distance. We the people of Bihar do not have any right to abuse Thackerey. This gentleman is fighting for his people. Every year lacs and lacs of biharis migrate in search of livelihood. what the hell your politicians are doing. Why they are not working for their people?

I know Mr. Tarkeshwer after reading my post some of you will start abusing me, so therefore I should introduce my self. I am Bihari but well settled in Kolkata. My family migrated from bihar some sixty years back in search of livelihood. I am real estate developer by profession. 90 percent of the laborer working in my company are bengalis and every minute I hear abusive words from their mouth against their biharis counterparts.

Mr. Tarkeswar I mean to say "Aap to apne ghar me baith ke aag laga rehe ho par un perdesi bihario ka kia hoga jo aap ke lagaye aag me jal jate hai"? Think some thing different. Think positive. Think of development. Think of unity. Think of prosperity. Dear friend then only we Biharis  will develop and at last Bihar will develop.

sriman amanda ji
we are not here to give abuse. we all are respect to all indian. if you want to say anything about bihari than first learn the condition of india from last ten years. we all are gentleman. all bihari are honest hard worker quick learner. bihar will develop with bihari definitely. dont worry we are all indian. we never think any part of india is separate.
in develop bihar we will never treat like outsider on the issue of burden.
both government are responsible for the condition of bihar.

Yes TN said very true. we are working for our development and some day we will. Aman da if you are having so much potential then why dont you work a little for our state ie Bihar. many of us are working for Bihar even when living outside. why dont you. Aaksh ji who is admin of this site is having a NGO and working for Bihar. you join him and work for your land. Last year he asked some money from members of this peopleofbihar site for renewal of this site but very less of the people donated. we can spend 500 on a single pizza but cannt donate for a Nobel cause. So who is guilty for backwardness?

is there any ture bhari here who hate for good

and who hate thakrey 

any real bihari contact me here

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