After few discussions few some of our Marathi brothers I decided to have a poll.

Do we really hate each other?

or its just a political propaganda. I personally do not hate any marathi except Thakre and co. So here is a poll. Just few simple questions and give your answers in least possible words.

Q1. Why we hate Maharastra/Marathi people?

Ans- A) They have anything better than us.

         B) They are descender of Shivaji Maharaj.

         C) They do have job in there state and they do job in other parts of India also.

         D) Its only Raj Thakre and company who bark and bite innocent Bihari people.

Q2. Why Marathis hates Bihari's and UP's?

 Ans- A) We have anything better than them.

         B) We are descenders of Smrat  Ashok The great, Chandragupt and Chanyaky and many  

             great people. 

         C)We do job there also and earn bread and butter and they think that we are snatching

             their jobs.

         D) Its Nitish kumar who never speak any word against any one whether Marathi or any one.

plz give your ans from above options and if you find any other answer then also tell us.

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My poll its only Raj Thakre and co.

1 -d

2 -c



 I strongly feel that neither  common man and woman of Maharastra  nor of Bihar hate each other . But we shouldn't forget that politician play with our emotions for votes.We do majority of times flow in that directions which culminates into present situations. We shouldn't play in the hands of these politicians.


I strongly agree with Sunil Ji also.

1-D ofcourse.

But for 2nd Q, the apt ans is missing acc. to me bcoz.. d main reson is 1 and only Raj Thackerey who has aroused such hatred feeling among Marathis. And not all Marathis hate bihar, only a few section of ppl who support Raj thackerey..

Itz all politics play. Thats it!!!

for 1st que its D only ..and for 2nd its C.

And yes its Raj Thakre only who provoke Marathi manus to do or think evil things about Bihar UP. its Thakre only who is seeding the hate in hearts of good and kind Marathi people. So, culprit is only Thakre and company.

as a Reality I'd say

Q.1. C & D

Q.2. C Only

This is what I've Observed (Sorry If you think I am Wrong)

no sorry buddy..its a poll to know  why there is poll plz...



Dr Tarkeshwar said:

no sorry buddy..its a poll to know  why there is poll plz...

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