What are the things which makes Bihar different from others?

Please tell the things which makes us different from others whether good or bad.. Wrong things will be disscused and will be changed and good things will be spread.

FEEL FREE to write...

Write whatever you think..or whatever you have heard from others mouth.

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meri taarif ho rahi hai.!!!

but ye bataao mujhe ki kya galat kaha hai maine..Bihari logo me agar ekta aur Bihar k prati samman hota na to abtak to mere khilaaf bahut saare log khade ho jate magar yahan wahi kuch log jo hamesha bolte hai. Bihar k baare me padha ki yahan ab bhi garibi kam nahi hui balki badhi h. aur ahan to log bolne me kanjoosi karte hai,sabdo me bhi garib hai.

mujhe to koi bhi acchai nahi najar aati.gar hoti to ab tak logo ne is forum me bahut kuch likhe hota. mujhe to Bihar me bas gatiya sadke,electricity ka naamatra hona, mitti k ghar,gande anpadh log,na bolne ki tameez na hi kuch aur..

bas har baat me History ko le k baith jaate ho. aaj me kuch hai bhi.

Bihari babus are virtually dominating the corridors of power in New Delhi. Nine Bihar-cadre IAS officers are heading as many crucial ministries, including home, defence, road transport and highways and rural development. Six IAS officers are serving as additional secretaries, while 17 others are in the rank of joint secretaries
If a teenager has passed 10th exam in bihar, ask him/her what you wish to do in life.

Straight answer from most you will get, I wish to go for IIT or I wish to go for IAS.

They always aim high. They live simple, but yes always aim high.

They are famous for their hardwork. Depending upon their hardwork, destiny paves the way for them.

Hope you read todays newpaper, read this article published in times of india today edition.
Source: Times of India

Suri: As they sat behind the railway booking counters, few would have spared them a second glance. Crouched over the desk, furiously counting money and issuing tickets to impatient passengers – that’s what ‘office’ was for the two of them. Surely one of the most monotonous jobs possible, you’d think. But now the names of Ravikant Singh and Keshavendra Kumar are on one of the most elite merit lists in the country. Both have cleared the civil service examination this year: Keshavendra bagged rank 45 and Ravikant 77.
Till the two friends join the IAS academy in Dehradun, Kumar will serve as the railway booking clerk at Suri station in Birbhum. Singh works at the same post at Ukhra station in the neighbouring district of Burdwan.
Their theme for a dream can be traced back to their first meeting in Barrackpore. Both of them had seen struggle in childhood, and could relate to each other. As they were both employed with the railways, they vowed to pursue better careers together.
The going was far from easy. Though Singh and Kumar had graduated from the Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU), they did not have the family support to study further. Singh, who hails from the Akhilitolla village in Bihar’s Ara district, lost his mother in childhood. He and his five siblings were brought up by their father, a milkman.
“We were extremely poor and looked down on in our village. I wanted to prove myself and the only way to do that was to work hard. I knew that my father was in no position to send me to a good school or pay for private tuitions. What I needed was a job – any job to support my family,” Singh said.
After completing schooling from Ara, Singh joined a Barrackpore college. He cleared the Railway Recruitment Board (RRB) examination and joined Eastern Railway as a commercial clerk in 2002. “I could not dream of becoming and engineer or a doctor. But I knew that becoming an IAS officer was within reach as I would not require much money to prepare for the exam,” Singh added.

Rahul, I guess you must Stop this nonsense or else you will be thrown out of this community.

Almost all the buildings in Patna is illuminated blue on the eve of Bihar Divas.
Sky signifies progress and it is blue in colour. The idea behind illuminating buildings with blue lights is to show that Bihar is rising.
Blue spreads more than other colours as did Bihar’s wisdom since time immemorial. Scientific interpretation says that blue light has longer wavelength and scatters more.
In a nutshell, blue colour signifies the scientific bent of mind of Bihari youths.
(Clockwise : Hotel Maurya, Patna Women’s College, Raj Bhavan, Bihar Vidhan Mandal, Hotel Chanakya, Vishvesharya Bhavan, Transport Bhavan)

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