Marathi manus sucks : Marathis are very Racist and bad people


Hello everyone,


This comment is my personal opinion and I would like to have your views on it. A day back, a marathi manus Sagar Kadam(a member of MNS) sent me a friend request on Facebook, when i accepted him, he started to ask my phone number and when I stopped to give him that, he started abusing UP and Bihar, he started calling me Biharin and all mother and sister abuses, I think all Marathi manus sucks, they don't know how to treat a woman and are blind followers of Deshdrohi Raj Thakre, he started boasting that If People of Bihar don't stop criticizing that rascal Raj Thakre, it will be very dangerous for them.


I have observed that "A marathi can be individually pro-Up and pro-Bihar but in a group they are always anti-Bihar", in a nutshell Marathi sucks, they are very regionalist, they are chauvinists and they keep living in the past. They bring Shivaji Maharaj in every discussion, ok Shivaji was great but dear Marathi manus you are not great. Instead of making film on Shivaji, Marathi Manus Ashutosh Gowtrikar is making film on Sultan Akbar, a Mughal invader who killed Marathis.


These Marathis are blind followers of Raj Thakre, same Thakre clan who killed South Indian Hindus in 1966 and North Indian Hindus in 2008. I read that in 1791 these Marathi army attacked and destroyed Sri Rangpatna temple in Karantaka district because they had problem with Karanataka's growing influence. And today they call themselves Hindu warriors. I urge to all people of UP and Bihar that please don't go to such a racist place called Maharashtra where they can not respect women and children. Marathis are very racist people.


Please give your view on them. I believe most of you have lived in Maharashtra and what are your views on it??


Meanwhile I am uploading a picture that proves Raj Thakre truth, he is re-incarnation of Sultan Aurangzeb who is killing innocent Hindus of UP and Bihar. Beware of this Satan.


Jai Hind.

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Hi Tina..I know what happened with you. Insulting a woman in any way is wrong.  I have never visited maharastra and also dont know those people. But their attitude towards Biharwashis is always bad. we are burning our blood and making them glow. thousands of  Bihari janta is working there as labor. instead of thanking them they are killing them. 

They say that they are great coz there was Shivaji. but their knowledge of history is very weak coz they are not knowing about our great history.

1 jumla kahna chahta hoon.... wo samjhte hai ki wo mahan hai. kyuki wo Ganpatti ko pujte hai.par wo ye kyu nahi samjhte ki hum to Ganpatti ji ke pappa ko pujte is hisab se to hum unke baap hue...

well ye to majak hua...par kyu hume wo kam samjhte hai...karan hai kyuki hum apne aapko kamtar samjhte hai...kamtar kis mamle me ye batana bahut jaruri hai warna maine to yahi dekha hai ki har galat kaam k baad hum(BIhari log) yahi kahte hai hum to ee karunga..hum Bihari huu na...koi kaa kar lega.... kamtar samjhte hai kuch b accha karne me..Kuch b constructive work karne me..kisi ki help karne me...koi positive work karne me... aur UNITE hone me... hum logo ko unite ho k Bihar ki development k lie aage hona hoga...waise yahan kahne ko to bahut log kah dete hai ki haan madad karenge but karne k time pe sab piche hatt jate hai...

well, think good and speak good...and foremost thing WORK GOOD...

tina jee beware antibihari elements. those people who do not respect other calture . mother . sister sure naver give respect thair calture . relatives. raj thakre who is a antisosal element his activity is not good for contry. sivajee he is in past. say to marathi think about present. because we are in present.

Exactly true Tina.... Raj thakre jab kuch accha kar k naam nahi kama sakta to bhole bhale Bihari majdooro ko maar peet k apne aap ko famous karna chahta hai...

This Raj Thakre is a National problem and he must be boycotted by all parts of the society, We must not forget that "Men who killed Gandhi ji were Marathi Manus", not to forget Maharstrian Nathu Ram Godse, and these Marathi cheap politicians supports Nathu Ram Godse act but If Nathu Ram Godse would have been a Bihari Hindu, Raj Thakre and his Marathi Army would have said that "Gandhi ji ko Bihari logo ne mara", meaning "Biharis killed Gandhi", there is different law for Marathi Manus and different law for Biharis, that is why India is a Third World.

@Teena .....  you should not say to raj thakre as desh-drohi, thats why his activities are the demand of the public of partiicular bounded  areas. to get ride of this problem we have to develop a well maintan unity on national level. if you have right to make a sigh for only bihari's in which forum we are talking, then why not he can say maharastra for marathi. but mai manta hu ki o kuchh had tak galat to tha hi'.

aise you are telling wright..................

yes m agree nt in all cases..infact eveyone z nt bad here..there r ppl whoz good by heart also...i have so many marathi frnds...they are good...coming to the culture...they dnt knw hw to behave,hw to eat nd hw to wear..they have money bt dnt knw hw to good sign in marathis ...they started working from teenage they cnt give more focus on higher education...abt politics..every politician do d same thnk...either raj thakre or lalu prasad..evybuddy z involved in corruption..and always do the vote marketing...Raj thakre also do d m agree raj z not a good person by Tine ur statement to nt work in maharshtra and live in maharshtra is wrong...there r lot to do here bt not much opportunity in plz forgive...we have just started career..not so rich that we can invest in bihar may b aftr a long fr nw working in pune n mumbai x awesome..60% crowd in mumbai pune z u cn say mumbai pune working culture is manged by north n south indian only..including gujrat....coming to ur point abt misbehave wid u by marathi manus...sure he z its nt abt marathi manus...there r so many othere state person whoz doing d same on social networking just beware....n dnt blame on many thngs in maharshtra z good...marathis culture are their part..they r not restricting anybody to live their everybuddy here enjoying own culture n lifestyle...chills buddy...may b oneday u will get big offers frm mumbai n pune ..n u have to maharshtra z not only for marathis..nw its ours also...chiiling out..



I am sorry but I don't agree with you. For how long Bihar people will run from their home state and will always cry "There is no opportunity in Bihar", it is an old achool thought. The new school of thought says that we People of Bihar don't need to migrate to other states and we need to come back. I have been moderator of this website for Bihar people for past 1 year and I have received a lot of hate mails from Marathi manus abusing us, our whole community, they don't even know How to Respect Woman, they only know one thing which is "Jai Maharastra or Jai Shivaji", Shivaji in his whole life never said, "Jai Shivaji", he said "Jai Hind, Lets Fight for India and save it from mughals who are here to destroy our culture" but these cheap people only use the name of Shivaji Raje to glorify themselves. I have seen Marathi guys are very lusty too. Whenver they see a beautiful north Indian girl from UP, Bihar, Delhi, they try to speak to them in Hindi to impress her but when they don't give her interest, these guys comes to abusing.


Even when one girl from Uttarakhand criticised them, they started abusing Uttarakhand, these cheap and useless people has converted whole Maharstra as a country and tehy are just money minded. Even Marathi girls don't marry Marathi Manus. You see Madhuri Dikshit, Sonali Bendre and a lot Marathi actress has married north Indians(Delhites or Punjabis) and they boast of their culture. If your culture can not give me equality, then your culture is a satan culture, I believe. Have you read history Vishal ji?? These Marathis have commited heinous crimes on Karnataka people during their rule. They tried to destroy Karntaka language, killed a lot of innocent Hindus from Karntakata during Karnataka rule. In 1791, these Marathis destroyed Hindu temple of Srirangpatna in Karnataka because they could not defeat Karnataka army, so when they were fleding Karnataka they destroyed Hindu temple and today these bloody hypocrates says themselves to be Hindu protectors. They are just shameful people. Very soon I would post 1 link in which you will see how they abuse innocent Indian women of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar.


I urge girls and boys of Bihar that "If you don't want to suffer Racism, then don't go to Maharstra but if you want to, then go." You will very well understand what I mean. And Vishal I won't need a job from Mumbai or Pune. Within next 15 years Bihar will be more developed than Maharashtra.


Jai Hind. many thoughts abt maharshtra..z dis only becoz somebuddy misbehave u...plz chiil...listen i dnt knw much abt history..n realy i dnt want to kn also...wht i m telling u wht i  feel here ...n wht m seeing everyday....i must say...m a marktng person n always to b involve wid marathi n poor...most of d cases...elite family frm,contractors,engineers,architect,interior n all...eveybudy z not like wht u feel...n also age factors matter...these kind of behaviors may b young guys can its nt abt only marathi...dnt u thnk bihari guys do this to marathi gals or may b bihari gals only..if u r not agree...nothng to say much...u have given logic of past...i just believe in present...if u will come to knw abt bihar deeply..there r lot to hide frm history...always two sides of coin...n ithnk u dnt kn much abt mumbai...u shld knw deeply my dear frnd...its a capital city of India...frm so many years n will b....stock exchange z nt going to shift in bihar soon....bihar z growing..we r very happy abt it..yes m agree there r lot of opportunities not in all will take till d time we have to make strong by earning a lot in maharshtra..n i told u maharshtra z not resrved for marathi only...main cities in maharshtra z still crowded by Non-Maharshtrian...if u come here den u will come to knw ..marathis never look badly any gals on street or in malls or nay places..these kind of activites r still copyright by north indian...nad they take time to avoid there bad everyone z open...crime list like murder nd rape ,kidnapping z very less dan bihar..thanks to nitish govt...nw biahr z concern abt safety...there z sometng in mahrshtra so dat ppl frm all d satate still u will never seee marathi guys to go n work in patna...they r much developed ..n we r trying to develop...plz b cool n avoid negative thoughts abt communities...some r good ..some r bad...nd its every where ..not in only maharshtra...n one more thing after 15 years u will get lot bt wht abt b4 dat..ur time z nw to prove urself nt after 15 yrs..that time will b of ur better do whtvr u cn do n wherevr u cn do..just make some good platform fr ur madam cool....shivaji never said jai shivaji..becoz nobuddy calls own name like dis...he made country proud so marthis doing dis..jai shivaji...u cn do same for Rajendra babu nd veer kunwar harm in it...ur example for madhuri n sonali bendre z very wrong...u kn dat pairs made in buddy knw abt future partner...its their luck...even bihari guys n gals doing d same..marrying to gujrati,marathi and punjabi wht..whts wrong in dis...hindu marrying muslim..muslim marrying hundu...i m nt taking any name bt if u follow bollywood..lot of example just chiil..nd dnt b so negaitive particularly ...good evening:)

@ Vishal

I see your views as opportunist and I don't find an intellect in it. I believe its high tim peopl must start returning to their home state Bihar and co-operate to develop it.

tina ji

what happened with you is very bad. In every society you can find good and bad . those who did this act.they are definetly from bad part of society.I also feel  maharastriyan have some partial feeling for our  bihari society.but we can't blame each maharastriyans for  this feeling .Vote politics is the main reason behind this feeling. politicians like raj thakre exploiting these feelings.

And regarding bihar. No one knows how much time it will take place to develop bihar.  I am also agree with you that maharastra is for all.

 tina ji some one may disagree with you .it is his please think before telling some one's views opportunist.

aur tina ji har koi bihar ko develop karne ke liye wapas nahi ayega. develop hone per hi koi wapas ayega.

@ Ranjan ji

You might say the right thing but I have seen Marathis are very narrow minded and anti-Hindi. They don't like Biharis and just because if one person from Bihar makes mistake, they abuse the whole race. So, I tell you that "An indviual Marathi Manus can be pro-Bihar but in a group, they are always Anti-Bihar."

From REpublic of Mauritius

You are right Ranjan Kumar Jha.  All societies have majority of good and decent people and a small minority of bad/violent people.  The good ones are quite and the bad make a lot of noise and mischiefs, giving a false impression that all are bad ones. 

On the other hand, we must understand the fear of the Mahastrian people: is their way of life, cultures, jobs, law and order, etc being treatened by mass immigation of other Indians from other states to Bombay?  This is a complex issue in the sense that the Indian constitution garanteed freedom of movement for all Indians within India and at the same time, Indians want to protect their diversities in cultures, languages,etc.  Correct me if I am wrong. I have never been to India.

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