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Nice Discussion...as per view we all are looking for a better, strong & developing leader in central who can serve better for all for that we have to choose Mr. Narendra Modi (BJP). Now come to the State level, Mr. Nitish Kumar had proved him in last years and there is no doubt about him. He will definetely  came back in 2015 Vidhan Sabha Election.

Nice thing I agree with you modi is pm now

@Deepak Verma

I hope we all together made Mr. Modi as PM.

Is it fair for a national party to compete against state level party in Indian political system? BJP is a national level party. And, JDU is a state level party. In a fair system, state level party will compete against another state level party not national level party. And, when it comes to interest of a state then it is the state level party that will be most concerned never will the national level party. A state level party will never want its state to become weak. But, a national level party will never care about making your state weak. National level party will most likely let the state become weak so that it can fulfill its interest and maintain its power. In this case, most things are likely to be done that is in the interest of the national level party and its power but not necessarily in the interest of a state like Bihar or its people. However, in a fair system national level party will consist of representatives from all states to address issue affecting all nation not a state in particular.

One way to test a good thing is to ask question would I ask for it I was you. If the answer comes yes then it is a good thing. But, if answer comes no then it is a bad thing. Test yourself.  Good things will happen to the Bihar state and people of the state when the power lies in the hand of state level party. However, bad thing will happen to the state and its people when power lies in the hand of the national level party. Because the national level will tend to pursue its interest over the state giving you most of the bad things that no will want to have for their growth and prosperity.  Good examples are smaller states and OBC classification in Bihar neither of which is required for growth and prosperity of Bihar and its people.  Would you have ever asked for your self to be classified as OBC and be split into 7 districts small state.  I would never because it will rather make Bihar and its people weak.

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